How many hours a day do you think you are spending for work?

When I was an employee, I had to travel 40 km from home to my my office or that’s about a total of 4 hours of travel back and forth from home to office and vice versa. I was really tired not on what I am doing at work everyday but with the amount of time I have spent with traveling. It is a very sickening experience for a laid back person like me.

If you think about it, I am working for 7.5 hours, that’s after and hour and 30 minutes break. But considering the preparation and travel I spend every single day, that would be a total of 14-15 hours a day. I normally spend an hour to an hour and a half for preparing which includes taking a bath, eating my breakfast (no matter which part of the day it is, it will always be breakfast for me), getting dressed. And then I spend and hour and a half to two hours for traveling from home to work. After my shift is over, I need to prepare my things and put my headset to my locker (lucky if we do not have a meeting) and then go home. If we have a meeting, that would surely ruin my day’s routine and it will surely lessen my hours of sleep. A meeting normally lasts an hour and a half up to two hours.

After almost two years, I quit my job. I then tried to work at home. Well, as expected, my salary is not as much as when I was still employed with my previous employer. But guess what? I think I can actually save more! Why? I do not have to worry for my everyday fare which would actually be equivalent to the salary of an average worker. Imagine how much would I have saved. And then, I can sleep well now. Before, I was lucky if I could sleep 6 hours a day but now, I can sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day. I love the normal life. And I handle my own time, if I do not want to work then I won’t. I also don’t have to worry about the “crabs”…hahahaha! In my previous job, there are so many crabs. Most of all, I can take care of my precious little baby (though he’s a bit annoying at times) and I can enjoy spending time with my husband.

So now, I can really say that I AM WORKING 8 HOURS A DAY (or less, hehehe!) How about you? How many hours a day do you spend for work?

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What’s ahead for 2012?

Many speculations had arise on what could Earth’s future be in the year 2012. According to some, it would be the end of the world as Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Will the world really end on that date?

2012 is the end of Mayan calendar, but definitely not the end of the world. It will just be another change after thousands of years. Plates will move again causing cities, countries and continents be separated. Meaning to say, there will be earthquakes and tsunamis causing the death of millions of people. There will also be a number of volcanic eruptions causing the rise of few islands. There will be few flood. Some low areas will rise and high areas will fall. Expect the wrath of nature in the coming years. Many will die but few will survive. Evolution might take place. This may be caused by nuclear plants from different parts of the world. Another kind of creature will evolve. Maybe what we think are aliens from another world are actually our future.

This may be another crisis in humans’ life but then this is how life goes. Nothing is really constant in this world but change.

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Things to consider in finding a partner

There are a lot of reasons why love does not last long. It is because love has no clear foundation. The boy saw the girl, had a little talk and after some time, they are already dating. Few months past, they got married and had some kids. Three to six years later the guy found a new girl, realized she’s the best girl he met so far. Courted the girl they became more than friends and then the guy and his wife got divorced. What will happen to the kids now? They got wasted. Having parents with separate lives is not easy to understand and accept for kids.

What could have been done?

Men and women nowadays no longer choose a partner because of love. They often choose their partner based on the level of attraction. It is now the eyes that loves and no longer the heart. But it should not be. Love should be developed through mutual emotions and not just seen by the deceiving eyes. To make the relationship last long, both should consider the following:

1. Closeness. How well do you know the person? In choosing the right partner, you should know the background of the person. You should at least know his/her birth date, address, friends, family members, etc. It is important to know these things before you anticipate on what could be your future together.

2. Compatibility. There are so many sites that test the compatibility of two people. But compatibility is more than calculating through the names. Both should know the likes and dislikes of each other. Both should know their things in common. For some relationships, “opposite poles attracts” works. But for some, it is better that they both have the same likes and dislikes.

3. Commitment. Both should be willing to commit to each other. Loyalty is its another term. If you are willing to commit yourself to your partner, then there is no reason for you to look for another one.

4. Trust. Find someone whom you can trust. It is not easy to be with a person you do not trust. You must seek someone whom you know will always remember you when you’re not around. Someone who does not care for other girls/guys flirting on them. Someone whom you do not need to keep your eyes on.

5. Find a friend. Before finding a partner, find a friend first. They say that a good friend is the greatest lover. For some it is uncomfortable to take your friend as a partner. But look at the brighter side. With a friend, you no longer need to have a “get-to-know each other” stage because you already know each other pretty well.

6. Test. Sometimes, it is good to test your relationship. How? Through time and distance. Do not bind yourself to your partner. Let him/her breathe. Try to do things separately and see if you could survive without having attracted to another one. They say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. In testing your love through time and distance, you will see how fond could your love grow or if you’d just rather let each other go.

In summary, find someone whom you know for quite some time. Someone you know would be a good companion till you both grow old. Someone whom you could really be with through think or thin. And someone whom you know is yours though your thousand miles apart.

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Long Distance Relationship

Having a long distance relationship is not easy, but not impossible. Many Filipinos are into this. Some failed and some succeeded. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of LDR? What are it’s do’s and dont’s?

In a long distance relationship, one must remember to do the following:

1. Establish clear parameters with your partner. It is important that you know the limitations of your relationship. You set the parameters first through naming your relationship. Second you must clearly define the exclusiveness of your relationship. It will save you from the pain of assumption.

2. Communicate with him/her as often as possible. There are so many long distance relationships around the globe but only few survived. Why? Because others forget to communicate with their loved ones. Communication ,in any aspect of life, is very essential. Calling, texting, chatting or emailing your loved ones will make them feel loved, cared and remembered though you are miles apart.

3. Avoid creating conflict. As much as possible, lengthen your thread of patience. Do not immediately get upset of something your partner has done wrong. Be more understanding.

4. Avoid temptations. Eve was the first victim of it. She was tempted by the serpent. And then she tempted Adam. Therefore, do not let the serpent of temptation tease you, as there are so many apples on the the street. Because if you will be tempted, there is a big chance that your partner will also do the same. Just remember, that resistance is the key for a successful long distance relationship. And do not provoke your partner to get tempted.

5. Leave a positive memory. Distance may separate you but your memories will bind you. A person can never forget the happy times that you were together. From time to time, he/she will always reminisce the moments you’ve shared.

6. Trust your Partner. Do not let your partner feel that you are doubting him/her. As he’she will also do the same. Clear your mind from fear and doubts. Your partner will be glad because it is pleasing to know that someone trusts you. And you will be more careful not to break someone’s trust.

There is a saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. In a long distance relationship, you will really test the strength of your relationship by distance and time. It is also exciting to know that a lover is coming back after a long time of being apart. The excitement will boost the feeling of love.

The disadvantage? You don’t know what has happened on the times you were apart. Your partner might find a new companion that would fill the emptiness he/she felt when you were apart. There might also be a change of heart.

But as long as you know your place in his heart and his life, there should be no reason for you to feel insecure. And if he/she loves you, no matter who comes and goes, he/she will always come back to you.

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Sorrowful memory (via mypoemsandstories)

Bowsing through my inbox…There were no mails It seems that everybody has forgotten about me… I read through each folder…Then I found mails from people who became part of my life… I've read through the mails of someone very important… Someone whom I could not forget… Browsing through each message…My heart began to tremble… It really is very hard…to realize…to forget…and to regret… His words struck my heart… Those were wor … Read More

via mypoemsandstories

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Hi all!!!

Hi….There’s nothing bad leaving a short comment!Ü

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In Love with Another Man

We were happy, you and I,

We’ve been in this relationship for a while

You never fail to please me

And you never fail to love me.

When there are days that I feel blue

The only man I seek is you

With your comfort, love and care

All my sorrows disappear.

A year have past, we’re still in love

This relationship so blessed by God above

A seed of love grew unexpected

You were so happy for this you’ve waited.

As time passed by I was so moody

I was so mean to everybody

But still you were there still giving me love

You cared for me, oh, I’m so glad.

Eight months have passed, you left for home

That time I felt I was alone

I no longer know how to live without you

When you’re not around, I feel so blue.

One night, came out another man

He was so cute, so light and tan

Still doesn’t know what life could be

And I’m so curious what’s ahead for me.

I was so hesitant to touch this man

As I might hurt his body that’s still so young

I am so glad that I have him

With hands still trembling I carried him.

When you came back you caught me glad,

Kissing a little man and embracing him so bad

Looking at us you were so happy

Because you know I’m so in love with our precious baby.

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